Sugar Art Studio, under the expert helm of Giovanna Smith, stands as a beacon of innovation and artistry in the world of culinary design. Born from a deep-rooted passion that began in the culturally rich landscapes of Peru, Sugar Art Studio has blossomed into a powerhouse of creativity and excellence.

Giovanna's early influences were her parents. Her father, an esteemed artist and glassblower, kindled her love for art, while her mother introduced her to the intricate dance of flavors. This foundation was further solidified when Giovanna, in pursuit of her passion, excelled at the International Culinary Schools in Tampa, making her mark in Baking and Pastry.

At Sugar Art Studio, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of products that echo Giovanna’s dedication to quality and innovation. From designer cutters and veiners to unique tools and supplies, every product is a testament to the art of baking. Our collections encapsulate the essence of modern design while paying homage to timeless techniques.

In 2012, a new chapter unfolded with the introduction of Brenda, Giovanna's prodigiously talented daughter. Bringing a fresh perspective, Brenda, an up-and-coming cake designer, seamlessly melds the studio's rich legacy with contemporary vibrancy.

Sugar Art Studio isn't just a brand; it's a journey into the heart of culinary artistry. Through our products and classes, we invite you to share in our passion, discover your own creative voice, and be inspired by the unparalleled excellence that defines us. Join us in celebrating the wondrous world of sugar art.